Married or Committed Couples

It’s not uncommon for relationships to experience some “ups and downs” over the years.  Some relationships may feel like being on a roller coaster with a blindfold on, some may want a little “tune-up” and some couples know that, as great as their relationship is, it could be even more satisfying. 


Couples can receive a lot of well-intentioned advice from family, friends and complete strangers. The most common advice may be to have “open communication.”  It’s hard to argue with those two words, but do the two of you have the same idea of what that really means in your relationship?  For example, have you ever said something to your partner and the message that was received was not the message you intended?  Did you discover this “miscommunication” right then?  Or did you find out later in the middle of a disagreement?   Was it ever discovered?  Are you distressed because you’re telling yourself a story about your partner?  Is this story slowly eroding your belief your partner really loves you?  What if your belief isn’t true?


If you and your partner want to ignite your relationship into the one you desire, working with me may be the fuel to get you started on your journey.

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Engaged Couples

You have found the person you want to spend your life with and are looking forward to your “big day.”  Congratulations!  Since none of us have a working crystal ball (at least I don’t) what life may throw at us is a mystery yet to be uncovered.   I think it’s a fairly safe bet however, the two of you will experience times of happiness, sadness, conflict, and stress.


Whether you are planning a big wedding, going to the Justice of the Peace or having Elvis marry you in Las Vegas, couples who take advantage of pre-marital coaching see the benefit to plan for their marriage as well as the big day.


At this point, the two of you have likely talked about if you want kids and if so, how many.  Because life unfolds at its own pace, you may also consider exploring strategies regarding how you will approach conflict without damaging your relationship, how to avoid waking up “one day” and realize you’ve grown apart, what makes you feel loved and is it the same, or different, for your partner or how to do “check-ins” to see if you are still moving in the same direction or unknowingly charting different  paths. 

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Would it surprise you that individual coaching can benefit your relationship?    How can that be?  Because when one person in the relationship changes, the relationship changes. 


Although in a relationship we are one half of a couple, we are still an individual with our own thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and behaviors.   When you discover more about yourself you learn more about your relationship.


ELI Assessment


Not sure if coaching is for you?   Start by taking the ELI assessment.  You may be familiar with personality assessments and may have taken one or more in your workplace.  In my experience when I have taken them at work, we generally got an idea of the different personality types and how to use that information to work effectively.    


The ELI is a different type of assessment.  It’s an attitudinal (vs. personality) assessment.   How is the ELI different and what can it reveal to you?  The ELI is based on the energy/action model which looks at your perceptions and perspectives of your world.  Thousands of individuals have taken and used the information received from the ELI.   Our attitude is subjective, and we can decide to shift our attitude if we decide it will serve us better.    


The assessment is taken online in about 20 minutes.  We will then set up a time to discuss your detailed report.  I love that with this assessment there are not any “right or wrong” results; just information for you to use to create what you want in your life.  You decide what, if any, next steps are right for you.   I think you may be amazed at what you learn!