You have such a calm demeanor, are able to pose powerful questions, and you always pick up on things that help us to discover new insights.


 Talking with her felt like I was speaking to an old friend who's known me for years. And she had a knack for finding insights in things I overlooked. With her help, I met important goals I'd been struggling to reach. On top of that, the coaching was fun! We belly laughed at least once a session and I felt energized after our calls.


There were things that we had each been holding back for almost 20 years that were brought to light, which allowed us to understand each other much better.

Our marriage is still a “work in progress,” but now we are better equipped to handle anything that comes up.


She held space for us and asked empowering (and sometimes challenging) questions that allowed us to intentionally go deeper and explore our relationship.

Deep conversations we had had on our own reached an even deeper level with Tina’s support. We highly recommend working with her!

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